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Picture time with her father!

We have our first boy of generation two! :) 

Meet John Jacque. His traits are Good and Friendly.

According to the generation rules, all traits had to be randomized and I added in the naming theme. All kids will be named “J” (that was randomized too). 

Now, the house is too small so I’m decided to move them to a new town since Appaloosa Plains is really laggy. 

Being a dad can be rough

She’s a cute pregnant sim. 

Matt rolled to have another girl…but I’m hoping for a boy lol. 

Oh, and Tala is pregnant as well. Even though I’m breaking this generation’s rules for only supposed to have two kids, but the twins were a surprise haha. 

Plus, Tala and Matt deserve to have a kid of their own. Its just going to be hard to pick what two to be in the heir poll. 

The mom’s and dad’s decided to go on walks for some peace and quiet. Having three daughters is exhausting. Especially when one is a teenager and has a girlfriend, and the other two are competing twins. 

And well, puppies are so hyperactive Sarg and Roxy can’t keep up with them. 

Sarg: Hey who’s this look a like! He’s crapping my style. 

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